Health & Safety

For Healthier & Safer Journeys With WI Shuttle St Lucia

  1. Upon arrival in St. Lucia you should always be offered bottled water due to our hot temperatures. Always keep hydrated.

  2. Always remember to use appropriate sun screen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

  3. Distracting the driver is dangerous while on route, please be responsible by making your requests before your trip begins and keep contact to a minimum while on the highways.

  4. If you choose to seat at the front, always remember to wear your seatbelt.

  5. If you are feeling unwell please let the driver know immediately.

  6. If you are uncomfortable with the speed and handling of the vehicle on the road, please instruct the driver accordingly.

  7. If your driver ever seems distracted or anything looks odd please say something or report it via our website where such requests are viewed by an independent body.

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